Saturday, October 29, 2005

WM*TV: The Gospel According to Sam Walton

the cool thing about this video is that it's from a videoblog. the creator of outfoxed is now making a film about "the high cost of low price" at walmart. and he's doing it through a videoblog. smart! (is that the dude from Babe?)

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Jeff Marquis said...

Hey Ryanne,

This is great. I'm glad you're 'promoting' this. There's an article about the movie on the front page of today's San Francisco Chronicle.

Yes, that's the actor from 'Babe.' His name is James Cromwell. He played a super-bad police detective in 'LA Confidential' (great movie). I think the actress' name is Frances Fisher.

rob parrish said...

Not only via vlogs, he is using the Mel Gibson card . . . promoting the film by showing to church groups. Which is so cool and very smart. If we could only get the good church folks to wake up and see the evil shit that is going on, we could, at least electorially, move things along.

Anonymous said...

W.M. just got the go ahead to begin building a "super walmart" with gas station in FULTON,NY rite off st rt 3. should be done in 18months or so.
i wonder if the real estate/empty buildings down town will sell for cheap? i could go for some rental properties,at walmart savings prices of course.

what a shame to our little town. but hey they wanted cheap,,theyll get it,,(i wonder if walmart employees can aford to shop there?)but when all the local buisneses are gone,,i wonder what they will have to say in the op-ed section of the paper ?