Thursday, November 10, 2005

Marketing the War Like a Roll of Toilet Paper

Hardball's look at the runup to the war and how it was marketed by The White House. MARKETED. Sold to the public like a fucking bottle of soda. Something they left out was that the media (ah hem, MSNBC) was The White House's very loud Echochamber. This is something Kent Bye is working to point out...

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Kent Bye said...

Hey Ryanne,
Thanks for the shout out.

Yeah, I love how Chris Matthews tries to pin all of the blame on the Bush Administration by saying that "the White House persuaded the media, Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and the majority of American people to accept their case for military action in Iraq."

It didn't take much to "persuade" the media after the Democrats signed off for war in October. After that point, the media hung up their coats and became uncritical stenographers echoing the countdown towards war despite all of the contrary evidence that was rolling in from the IAEA -- some of which was cited in the timeline of the Hardball report.

Anyway, I'm going to start releasing podcasts of some of the 76 interviews I've conducted very soon.