Friday, July 14, 2006

Design e2: Green Machine

holy crap! PBS kicks ass for putting these shows online. i mean it's free to watch (sorta) on TV, so why not put them on the web for those of us who don't have TVs (and don't want TVs!). yeah for quality programming about green design on the web.




Phil Chapter said...

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Best regards

Phil Chapter

Michael Meiser said...

Holy crap ryanne I was just enjoying these stollen of bittorent. I didn't even know they had a podcast! How awesome is that! I don't have to steal them anymore! :)

LOL... PBS does kick ass! Thanks for the revlog.

Let me know if there are any others from PBS.

Oh, and btw, did Postcards from Buster ever establish a video podcast feed like we talked about way, way back? I got sidetracked, but I never forget, just busy.

Peace, and thanks again,