Thursday, December 01, 2005

Koan Kicks Ass

I met Koan at BlogHer this summer where she decided to become a videoblogger (a certain someone was presenting it!). Her vlog is documenting a huge part of her life, the process of physically and legally transitioning from male to female. Really amazing stuff, so honest and open. These are the videos I live for.



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Koan said...

Ryanne, I'm really touched that you picked one of my vlog entries to post here. It's absolutely true - you inspired me to start vlogging while I was recording your session at BlogHer.

I'm finding video a much more "real" medium than audio - with audio, I tend to worry about editing out sniff, cough or pause - with video I just shoot and go. Even when (as with this one) my voice, frankly, sucked - this is who I am, my voice isn't always perfect, welcome to the real world.

Vlogging's now a part of my life, and will remain so - and *you* set that in motion. Take a bow! :-)