Thursday, December 01, 2005

Original MomentShowing

Edison's "What Happened on 23rd Street, New York City." This still happens on 23rd Street today!

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duncan said...

this is great, where did you dig it up from? .. the thought in my head is staged or real?
i'm giving a talk next week on how videoblogging can help us find 'local truth'.. it's interesting seeing the parallels between what people like edison were doing with documenting society 100 years ago and what we're all doing now.. these tiny black and white fragments of footage become spokespeople for an entire period and/or location, but these days we are creating and collecting many many detailed moments of our surroundings, hopefully broadening both our own insight and that of following generations. ooooh.. look, i've gone all wishy washy about videblogging again!